Who is your brother among your friends?
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We get to know many friends due to the nature of the life we live, which causes us to meet many people and on various occasions in time and place, and we share with them dialogue, ideas, and interests such as fellowship, religious affiliation, or hobbies... and we may feel the importance of that relationship Which takes its way into the depths of the beautiful world of friendship. We cannot do without seeing him, supporting him, and consoling him, and we also exchange those ties and feelings with him...

However, this brother is the one you chose from among all your friends until you found him to be the best of your brothers. Yes, you do not neglect them and love them all, but this friend has characteristics that make him different from them...

So that you can distinguish the best of your friends, we present to you several characteristics through which you can identify the best of your brothers, from the words of Imam Ali - peace be upon him -:

The best of your brothers is the one who frequently angers you in truth.

The best of your brothers is the one who guides you, makes you pious, and keeps you from following your desires.

The best of your brothers is the one who urges you in obeying Allah, Glory be to Him.

 The best of your brothers is the one who consoles you, and the best is the one who is sufficient for you, and if he needs you, he pardons you.

The best of your brothers is the one who comforts you with his goodness, and the best of you is the one who makes you not need others.

The best of your brothers is the one who invites you to speak truthfully with the truthfulness of his words, and exhorts you to do the best deeds due to his good deeds.

The best of your brothers is the one who rushes to goodness, draws you to it, enjoins you to do righteousness, and helps you to do it.

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