Avoiding Guilt
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1- Examine any reasons you avoid saying "No." If you need to learn to say "No," you may avoid it by habit. Think about any underlying reasons you may be uncomfortable turning someone down. This can help you identify how your inability to say "No" may be irrational.

  • Maybe you're a people pleaser by nature. You may not want to upset other people.
  • You may also avoid confrontation. Even a small confrontation may be stressful for you.
  • You may also worry about making people angry. You may irrationally feel people will not like you if you say "No."

2- Keep in mind that you do not need a reason to say “No.” Some people feel like they have to have a good reason to say no, but this is not the case. If you do not want to do something, then you don’t have to do it. Try to remind yourself of this in situations where you can’t think of a reason to say no.

  • If someone invites you out on a night when you just don’t feel like going anywhere, then try saying, "You know, I really don't feel like coming out tonight, maybe another time."

3- Accept that boundaries are personal and subjective. You need to embrace your own boundaries to work on saying "No." Boundaries are personal, and usually subjective. It's okay if your boundaries are different from someone else's. Be comfortable with your own boundaries and allow yourself to stand by them.

  • Boundaries are a projection of who you are. Therefore, there is no inherent value in boundaries. Your boundaries are not better or worse than another person's.
  • Your co-worker may be more extroverted or less shy than you. This is okay. It's okay for you to say "No" to such events, even if others don't, as they violate your personal boundaries.

4- Don't look back after giving an answer. If you tend to ruminate over decisions, this can make saying "No" more difficult. After saying "No," accept your decision and move forward.

  • Focus on how good you feel. If you said "No" to something potentially draining or stressful, you should feel relieved.
  • Prioritize your positive feelings about saying "No." Try to push out feelings of guilt.

5- Understand saying "No" can help you avoid resentment. Saying "Yes" too often could lead to resentment. If you're a people pleaser by nature, you may say "Yes" more frequently than is healthy. If you, for example, agree to help every time a friend needs a favor, you may begin to resent that friend. While you may feel temporarily guilty over saying "No," it's better to deal with momentary guilt than to risk tanking a valuable relationship.

6- Work on building up your self-worth. Part of the reason why some people struggle to say “no” is because they don’t feel like their wants and needs are as important as other people’s wants and needs. To avoid feeling guilty from saying “no,” try to work on building up your self-worth. Some strategies that you might try include:

  • Writing a list of your strengths.
  • Using positive self-talk to encourage yourself.
  • Exploring your interests and making time for yourself.
  • Avoiding comparing yourself to other people.
  • Setting realistic goals for yourself.


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