Confront your anxiety in just five steps
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There are many things that make us anxious, and perhaps a day does not pass without anxiety!

Anxiety is accompanied by many disturbances and tensions that constantly threaten our happiness, so what do we do about it?

1- Educate yourself on the idea that life is built according to the law of variables, so nothing is permanent.

2-Understand every problem and give it the appropriate importance, and do not abandon your immediate blessing and become preoccupied with potential things.

3- Increasing doses of reassurance for spiritual purity and psychological calm through supplication and monologue.

4- Making changes. When you are worried about a place, change it if you can, and change your thinking by reading something useful or making a phone call with someone you love.

5- Follow the system of simple and advanced solutions. Some problems that worry us have simple solutions and others have advanced solutions, so choose what is easy for you and do not wait for ideal solutions while you are extremely worried.

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