Deprivation and its impact on the human personality
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Balance in education is considered one of the most difficult matters for the educator. Setting the educational standard in a fair and equal manner in the educational process is not within the complete control of the educators except those who are protected by Allah and supported by kindness, but making an effort as much as possible is something that the educator must do everything in his power to achieve this noble and great goal.

Deprivation is the tipping point in the educational process, and the black side that results from the failed educator...

However, the causes of deprivation may be outside the educational circle, and it falls forcefully on the person! Which falls within the circle of destiny, the prevalence of social customs, or the dominance of evil forces in the country, for example...

The forms of deprivation are diverse and numerous. We mention some of them as a reminder and warning. In order to reduce it, treat it, and avoid what can be avoided:

  • Emotional and psychological deprivation: Its closest manifestation is deprivation of the affection of a father and mother. Such as if a person loses one of them through death or imprisonment, or their death in an accident, for example, or their separation due to social reasons, work or study, or poor upbringing, such as if the father or mother - or both of them - neglect their children. Emotional deprivation in marital life is Painful for one or both of them, and resulting in deep disagreements.
  • Material deprivation: It is the most widespread form in social life, represented by poverty, destitution, hunger, and homelessness for the sake of livelihood...or caused by the father’s miserliness toward his family, wife, and children, or his failure to provide for them and satisfy their needs.
  • Health deprivation due to diseases: Many people suffer from weak immunity and lack of health, so they get sick often and epidemics quickly affect them, exhausting their strength and making them deprived of health, so they suffer from chronic diseases and take medications on an ongoing basis to continue their healthy life.
  • Physical deprivation: disability and impairment: It is one of the most severe cases of compelling deprivation that is due to birth or as a result of their exposure to violent accidents that caused them to lose some of their organs or robbed them of the ability to perform some physical functions such as walking or jumping, for example...
  • Moral deprivation: Some people suffer from crises of inferiority and feelings of inferiority, and they behave badly, such as arrogance, gossiping, envy, bullying, theft, etc., and this is caused by deprivation of a virtuous and righteous educator and a pure and virtuous environment ...
  • Deprivation from the homeland: This is forced alienation due to political reasons or for reasons of work and living. A person feels nostalgic for his homeland because he was deprived of smelling its air, living on its soil, and being with the people of his country, so he remains a prisoner of deprivation in any country outside his homeland.
  • Family deprivation: When a family is subject to disintegration and rupture as a result of the separation of parents or other compelling reasons, the feeling of deprivation deepens in the souls of the children and the rest of the family. Towards the family gathering and its beautiful atmosphere...
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