How do you give yourself a dose of optimism towards a successful life?
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After crises hit you and leave you bedridden with worries and depression, blaming yourself and cursing the circumstances..., do not surrender to this situation and you must stand up again. Because the law of life consists of two elements: success and failure. There is no absolute success or absolute failure, and the path becomes clear only after you learn from your mistakes, modify your plan, and develop your capabilities and skills. At the end of every failure, you must give yourself a dose of optimism, an effective and vital tool against depression and frustration which always follow failures.

This is done by looking at four axes: you're self; and reality; you're reactions, and your plan to achieve your goals; as follows:

First: Start criticizing yourself from positive starting points, with awareness and rational evaluation, and avoid negative starting points in self-criticism, such as feeling inferior or thinking about people’s opinions and what they say about you. People's satisfaction is an unattainable goal.

Second: Let reality be your criterion, as there is no perfect life and there is no perfect and ideal person. Consider the lives of others to see how they suffer and overcome difficulties, but the successful individual is the one who perseveres in difficult situations, overcomes obstacles, and starts with his own Plan for a successful life, as living in despair will not benefit you It is wise for wise people, and adaptation is a must. There is no despair in life and no life without obstacles.

Third: Do not allow nervous pressures to strip you of your sense of hope and optimism, so that your reactions are characterized by cruelty, violence, smashing things, and tearing up your possessions. Give your feelings some flexibility and breathe deeply. Because negative feelings lead you to moral poisoning and you get sick, so repeat the remembrance of Allah Almighty in your ears and recite verses from the Noble Qur’an, and think about some of the many words of the wise and repeat them and meditate on their contents, as they will help you relieve the tension that You feel it.

Fourth: Focus on the future so that your present is organized, through successful planning for your goals and do not be lazy. This makes you love life and cling to and deepen your relationships.

Fifth: Hope in the mercy of Allah Almighty, so take advantage of the times of prayer and supplication in pure places. It provides you with sublime energy, which is a real dose of optimism. Supplication is the weapon of the prophets and the key to success.

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