Do not rush to make decisions during conflict
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Some spouses face the imposition of a conflict that they find themselves forced to engage in, and the escalation and the intensity of the dispute takes away the serenity of the family atmosphere.

One of the requirements of shared life is striving to eliminate contradictions that arise due to differences in orientations and tastes, and this often leads to conflict. However, the basic aspect is treating matters from their roots, as it is the only guarantee for eliminating them and not surfacing them in the future.

Confession is considered the master of solutions in conflicts. If a woman is courageous enough to admit a mistake, this is considered a moral virtue and a bearing of family responsibility in preventing the occurrence of a potential disaster and protecting the family from the destruction of its entity.

The wife’s endurance, patience, tolerance, sacrifice, and desire to continue the shared life is a positive step on the way to resolving the conflict and restoring the spirit of serenity to the family atmosphere.

All of this is a step towards not rushing to issue decisions in times of conflict, and it is wise - if an understanding is difficult - to arbitrate an experienced and mature third party to contribute to resolving the dispute objectively and reaching a fair decision.

It is very useful to look into the causes of the conflict and trace the source of the outbreak of the dispute. This procedure reflects the husband’s awareness and wisdom in dealing with the drivers of conflict that his wife may force him into.

It is necessary for the husband to search for the goals of the conflict. Before making any decision, one should seek to diagnose the purpose of the conflict, as this helps in making the decision with a clear vision. Because the smooth flow of marital life is only achieved by eliminating those motives and goals that provoke conflict and uprooting the reasons behind it.

The underlying causes of the conflict can be classified into four areas:

Firstly - what relates to the husband, so the solution is to review oneself and dissolve the complications.

Secondly - with regard to the wife, the solution is to strive to alert her and extend a helping hand to her in accepting appropriate solutions.

Third: What relates to both spouses, and here it is advisable to resort to dialogue and understanding and present the problem objectively in order to solve it.

Fourth - With regard to others and their negative interference, a strategy should be developed to limit and prevent intrusion into the spouse's lives.

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