Our children between scientific goals and religiosity
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One of the problems facing the educational process is that parents tend to direct their children towards academic goals only, without religion being one of them. Their guidance and effort is focused on ensuring that their child has a prestigious social level by obtaining an academic degree or a profession that brings him profits and positions that are socially desirable, without their focus being in the least to make their child a religious believer who has the character of commitment and integrity!!

We see them instructing their son to become a doctor, engineer, pilot or accountant in the future... and they do not care to see him as religious and having a noticeable culture of religious commitment!

If they address the issue of his religiosity, they see it as a secondary goal, not a primary goal. Their quest to enter the college of medicine, engineering, or police is the basis and motivation that drives them to send their children to schools that may not follow sound religious curricula, and do not care about spiritual construction, but may even be disciplined to look at religion Negatively, leading them to adopt the non-religious approach...

Parents imagine that this does not constitute a source of concern for their children’s religion, and that it is possible to compensate for the issue of religiosity and building faith through the home and on holidays through courses that are held in mosques or city halls!!

Parents should make achieving religious goals among their priorities. Just as scientific excellence is required, religiosity and commitment are considered parallel, if not priority. Because religion makes a person feel a sense of belonging to the Great Creator, and this gives a person a different vision of life than if he were detached from belonging to the Creator and did not care about the laws and rulings that Allah revealed!

In order for the two goals to be concentrated in the hearts of the children, it is necessary for parents to pay attention to the type of schools in the early, middle, and preparatory stages, and for these schools to have a curriculum based on religious guidance and urging integrity through motivating, and the role of the parents will be essential in taking root Deepening religious commitment, in addition to education and the pursuit of knowledge, until balance is achieved in the pursuit of goals without any imbalance.

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