Releasing Negative Feelings
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1- Release what you cannot control. This is the most important part of feeling at peace and the first place you should always start. 90% of the time, when we're worried about something or stressed out, the source of our angst is really something that we have no control over. All you can do in life is to try your best and then let fate take its course. If you can't affect the outcome then there is no point in worrying about something.

  • This is tough to do, of course, and will take some practice.
  • Mostly you just need to remind yourself to let go, but you can also do exercises by distracting yourself with other tasks while you wait out the thing that's making you upset.
  • Remember that the behavior of other people is one of the biggest things that is outside of our control.

2- Find the humanity in all people. When other people make us angry, it is usually because we cannot understand why they're doing something that's making us angry. Instead of blowing up at someone or stressing yourself out, try to see things from their side of the table. Think about why they did what they did...and remember that we're all people with our own problems and our own dreams.

  • For example, your wife may drive you crazy when she forgets to do the dishes. However, she doesn't forget them to be mean to you....forgetfulness is probably just a part of who she is, just like how you snore.

3- Forgive yourself. A huge source of worry in our lives comes from when we beat ourselves up. We really can be our own worst bully. Maybe you feel bad about forgetting to write a paper or maybe you're worried you said the wrong thing to your friend. No matter what you did, it's important to remember that you can't go back in time. Beating yourself up over something you can't change won't make things any better. All you can do is work to make the future better and improve yourself with time...which is something that everyone has to do.

  • Remember, to err is human!

4- Forgive those who have wronged you. Just like you have to forgive yourself, you have to forgive other people too. For most of the same reasons even! Remember: this means truly forgiving them. Don't be passive aggressive or find ways to punish them later. Just let it go and find ways to work better together in the future!

5- Accept the transient nature of life. Everything is temporary in life. You have to remember this in all things that you do. Embrace the things you love and enjoy them while you can. Wait for the passing of difficult times. When we die, we don't take any of these trappings of life with us, so make sure that it's your soul that's fulfilled and let the rest of it just go however fate feels like going.

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