Why do young people refrain from getting married?
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Marriage is considered one of the life traditions that are inseparable from the human social entity, and the Islamic religion has emphasized its desirability and obligation on many occasions. The Prophet Muhammad - may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family - said: “Marriage is my Sunnah, so whoever strays away from my Sunnah, is not from me.”

The idea of pairing a male and female is an innate matter, and a psychological and biological need that only an arrogant person or one with mistaken convictions would deny. The spread of the human race took place through the marital relationship, and the family is the first nucleus for building society.

Through the values of compassion and love in the marital bond, a person realizes the pleasure of a decent life and smells the fragrance of family harmony through the wife’s tenderness and support, and feels comfort and stability in the shadow of a family that brings him together...

There are many desires that call for marriage, and all religions, societies, and educational and moral levels encourage it, but why do many young people refrain from marriage and union?

We mention five realistic reasons that make young people refrain from thinking about marriage:

Firstly - the routine that societies create through customs, traditions, norms, and conditions that make the image of marriage in the minds of young people resemble climbing great mountains.

Secondly - the high prices of dowries in many families, the predominance and priority of the financial aspect during negotiations with the suitor, and forgetting the primary goal of marriage, which is to build a decent family, and to support the chastity of the young man and the girl by marrying them off.

Third - The prevalence of stories of marital infidelity and their spread across social networking sites and social media in general, through television shows, films, and degrading clips that send a message that says: Even after marriage, the girl remains in suspicious relationships with someone other than her husband!! This negative culture has generated convictions among some young men not to trust the chastity of any girl!

Fourth - taste standards and impossible conditions; some young men cling to their views about their life partners. If he talks about the qualities he desires, you will think that he is talking about the mermaids of Paradise, or that he is suffering from a crisis of conviction, because he does not know what would make him accept marriage to one of them! Or he suffers from excessive doubt about the integrity of the girls' reputation; Because of what he hears and reads about on social media sites or universities, that no girl is free of a suspicious relationship! He developed a personal conviction about that.

Fifth: The frustrating shock; recently, the digital generation has arisen, where they find their interaction in the digital world. They spend all their time communicating with others, and perhaps they try to build their social relationships on that and chooses its life partner from the digital world, and live an electronic love story that extends over a period of time Promises and rosy dreams. .., then he is surprised in the real world that that girl whose picture attracted him on (Instagram), for example, and who got hundreds of likes, is not what she looks like in reality! Or that the ones that talk about virtue and chastity are not like that in reality! Which puts them in a shock that makes them frustrated, and they feel aversion to marital attachment.

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