How to overcome the difficulties of life
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The philosophy of the world is based on realizing the reality of competition and opposition in it. You will not get anything except at the expense of something, and you will not get what you want except after you give, expend, and work hard... Difficulties and obstacles are inseparable from the reality of this life!

In order for a person to adapt to live in it; He must accept it with its difficulties and ease, through:

First: Confronting reality as it is and not evading the confrontation of obstacles and difficulties, to be effective and treat matters so that he has rules that guide him to develop his capabilities in dealing in a deeper and better way with life, and he can control his life His self-confidence increases, as facing reality is the key to being able to face life’s difficulties, and thus achieving adaptation to them.

  Second: Know your circle of responsibilities. You do not always have to change things for the better! Because that is not possible according to the philosophy of living in this world. A person remains a prisoner of poverty and need, no matter how powerful he is. Therefore, there are some situations that are beyond the individual’s control. It is not logical to blame oneself and feel frustrated. Therefore, we should focus on the matters that we can control, and that fall within the limits of our responsibilities and capabilities. The appropriate way through which an individual determines his job and the direction of his responsibilities; is: to make a list of the requirements and situations he faces, and what he is going through, and focus his efforts on changing them for the better, relying on Allah Almighty and drawing his energy through supplication and patience.

  Third: Getting help and assistance. Some people believe that in difficult circumstances they should get through them alone. Because they hold incorrect personal convictions; there is no problem in asking for help from others, such as: sympathy, support, or criticism. It is preferable to ask for help from friends and loved ones because it strengthens relationships, deepens the connection, gives the individual a feeling of strength, and relieves him of the pressure and weight of the crisis.

  Fourth: Broadcasting and complaining to loved ones, talking about the fears that we feel while we are in the field of confronting crises and difficulties. It gives us positive psychological nourishment, and provides us with greater momentum to move towards overcoming difficulties, thus eliminating the intensity of anxiety that affects mental and physical health. Broadcasting and complaining to loved ones is the best way to relieve psychological pressure, stress and tension. We will hear from them supportive solutions, guidance and advice that will serve as an evaluation of our performance and give a point of view that we can benefit from.

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