The impact of psychological changes in adolescence
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Several changes occur during adolescence, especially during puberty, and there is a state similar to an eruption in the adolescent’s body due to fluctuations in mood and morals, as the entire entity of the adolescent person changes, even his level of awareness and style of learning, affirmation and denial, which makes him have a difficult time sometimes.

Some scholars say: The reason for these changes in adolescents and the difficult feeling that accompanies them is due to the secretions of some glands, which later lead to changes in perception, morals, and behavior, and the impact of this on goals and innovation factors in planning and work.

At this stage of life, our children need many things. Failure to meet these needs may put them in danger. They need proper integration and pure, serious friendship that reassures them and comforts them. For them, friends are a source of their various activities in which the friend plays an essential role in it.

They also need to enhance their independence in making decisions, and their feeling of freedom in accomplishing some tasks and activities, and parents must understand this well, in a sound and serious manner, and respect their independence and freedom, as long as this does not expose them to legal and moral prohibitions or harm society.

Belonging and being attached to development institutions that are able to spread fun and activity in them and support them with various types of constructive support, motivation and encouragement gives them self-confidence, their love of life and continuing on the path of innovation.

Perhaps the most important need in their souls is their feeling of security, the family’s support for them, and their parents’ concern for them with love and compassion. Because they need to know the extent of their value and the depth of their position in the home, especially from the mother.

This is why attention should be paid to the range of psychological conflicts that adolescents go through, as mentioned in some research.

Firstly - a struggle between changing feelings of imperfection and perfection.

Secondly - a conflict between sexual desire and good morals.

Third - a conflict between the desire for independence and the inevitability of dependence on the family.

Fourth - a struggle between liberation and discipline.

Fifth - A conflict between building values and adhering to them and reality.

Sixth: A conflict between identity and preparation for professionalism.

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