Two principles for solving problems
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Most conflicts occur due to the predominance of selfishness, and problems are magnified due to the difference in the two paths. Each side believes that it is the right thing and their demand is right, and each side adheres to its opinion and believes that the other party is wrong!

The solution lies in finding a common path that achieves justice between the two parties, instead of the logic of both parties being: my way, not yours!

Their logic becomes: our way!

Permission; In order for both disputing parties to reach a compromise solution and follow a single path that they agree on, their consideration must be based on two principles:

First: shared duties, as you see others as having duties; you must perform your duties, as your commitment to that proves your humanity, and if your motive is religion, this places you in the ranks of the pious and generous in the sight of Allah Almighty.

Second: Not to make fools of themselves! Not all rights always belong to one party; Rather, they should humble themselves, and to give themselves flexibility and tolerance.

The safety of social relations lies in compromise solutions, and this requires sacrifice, altruism, and ignoring some personal aspects, but at the same time one must resort to a common path that achieves satisfaction for both disputants, without one of them being oppressed. Because injustice adds fuel to the fire of the problem.

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