Meet three annoying characters
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Within the framework of our many relationships, there are types of annoying personalities that get us into problems that disrupt our social and professional activities. The difficulty of determining an appropriate approach to them is something that worries many of us, especially if we are in direct contact for long periods of time. It is necessary to get to know some of the most important of these personalities and ways to deal with them. In order for the wheel of life to move forward, for communication to continue, and for us to achieve our goals with flexibility and continuity, some of these personalities include:

The sarcastic personality: This personality tries to make people laugh in order to change the course of speech from seriousness to humor. The sarcastic person targets situations that make others feel embarrassed. To mock them or insult them indirectly, justifying this with joking. The sarcastic person deliberately belittles the value of what we put forward, and tries to aim the arrows of destructive criticism of our opinions in a comic, sarcastic and sometimes embarrassing style. All we have to do is control our nerves and not give him a chance to enjoy his goals, so we do not get affected by him. The intention of the satirist is to arouse the speaker and make him feel insulted. If his style is ignored, he will be disappointed, and your discipline and lack of response will be a painful response to his personality. The weak point of the sarcastic personality is ignoring and not paying attention to them.

Argumentative personality: The person with this personality always tries to prove that he is more understanding, knowledgeable, and experienced than others, and he can be distinguished by these signs:

1- He talks a lot.

2- His discussion takes place in circles.

3- He sometimes uses his voice to force others to accept his idea.

4- He questions the axioms and discusses the obvious.

If we can determine the motives of this character, then it will be easy for us to adopt a strategy for dealing with him. If his motives are good - but he is obsessed with controversy and discussion - we have to let him exhaust everything he has and then thank him for his effort without entering into the details with him. Because his appetite for controversy will be aroused more if we interact with him.

But if his motives stem from selfishness, then caution should be exercised in dealing with him, and it is very useful to discuss with him in a logical manner that is based on facts and figures, and rely on evidence and proof. To find himself faced with the strength of the argument and the brilliance of the proof.

Authoritarian personality: We are often bothered by the stubbornness of some people and their insistence on imposing their opinions and prioritizing themselves and their interests in many of the situations and transactions in which we interact with them. We sense aggression from their words and looks. The logic of superiority and rebellion is prominent in their behavior, and they do not accept the idea of being subordinates. They always want to be in  an authoritative position, with no commander or supervisor over them.

This type of annoying personality is difficult to deal with, and things always end in failure. The team disperses in their presence, and the group quarrels because of their rebellion. It is better to stay away from them or reduce communication with them, and if we are forced to deal with them, it is necessary to make such a person understand that he has his limits and must stand by them. It is useful to remind him of his role and level in the group, and he must adhere to what his role and position dictates to him, and respect others and appreciate their status, as he is not distinguished from them in any way.

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