With the light of knowledge and logic, banish anxiety
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We or others often experience a state of anxiety after hearing disturbing news, such as a contagious epidemic sweeping through the city we live in, or news of an economic crisis being broadcast - for example, and it is not logical to believe in that news without scientific proof and studied statistics.

Science alone reveals the darkness of illusions that cause us anxiety and panic.

“Abandon yourself from incoming worries with the resolve of patience and good certainty, as Imam Ali, peace be upon him, recommends.”

Resorting to specialized authorities in a situation that makes us feel anxious and tense expels those thoughts that cause fear and anxiety.

  The rule tells you: “Help expelling anxiety with statistics and hard facts. Ask yourself:

Are my fears justified?

How likely is it that what I fear will happen?

In this way, you stop the onslaught of thoughts that warn of anxiety and silence its unjustified siren.

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