Imprison anxiety behind three walls
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Stand in the face of your fears and anxieties just as a security man who targets any phenomenon that threatens the security and safety of the country, monitors it, pursues it, and throws the criminal in prison. Likewise, you must preserve your calm and psychological integrity and feel safe so that you can make the right decisions and be able to value things at their correct and true value. And so you should confine what worries you and makes you confused within three walls:

The first wall: How much benefit will this matter for which I am worried bring me? By determining the amount of real benefit, the worry will be behind this fence and not cross it.

The second wall: How much time can I limit this anxiety to? “Be honest with your friend and tell him I will wait for you 10 minutes [ten minutes] after the appointment time and then excuse me because I will leave.”

Set a time to wait for any result that worries you, and when it is not announced, stop thinking about it as long as it is off your immediate to-do list!

The third wall: How much should I pay for this thing that I am worried about, and not add more to it? Try to evaluate and value things in a way that is appropriate for them so that they do not take up psychological space from you without having an effect that is proportional to their size. Breaking a glass in a house should not get on your nerves or worry about it, as it can be replaced!

After you imprison anxiety behind these walls, you will feel comfortable and calm.

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