The Saharan silver ants.
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Summer temperatures in the desert are so high that everything has to shelter.

The desert now belongs to the earth's greatest solar specialist.
The Saharan silver ants.

At midday, when the sun is at its fiercest, they emerge to look for creatures killed by the scorching heat.

They are one of the fastest insects on Earth, and they need to be,  with just five minutes to find food before the heat kills them.

Getting lost would mean certain death, so every few seconds, they spin round, taking a bearing from the sun.
When others are frying, these ants have solar tech to stop them from overheating, special glassy hairs and shining bodies that reflect the sun's lethal rays.
It buys them precious time.
To get their prize back as quickly as possible to their underground den demands teamwork.
But shelter is a long way away, any technique will do, the push-and-slide, the spin, even dune -surfing.

Some of them collapse under the heat and reinforcements are needed urgently.
They must get their prize undergrounds as soon as possible, any longer out here and they be toast.

The team race home.
Shade at last.


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