Parents must provide mental health to their children
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The family must be a starting point for progress, growth, understanding, and reassurance. Parents must teach their children the following:

1 - That they be satisfied with their lives and optimistic about their future, and that they are not tinged with turmoil and anxiety on the way to their scientific, academic and artistic goals, but rather they move towards them with all seriousness and diligence, and that they should expect from themselves the level of talent and abilities they have in order to reach greatness.

2- To have confidence in themselves in order to solve their various problems, and to prepare themselves for the various stages of life by relying on Allah and arming themselves with knowledge and determination, and in facing life’s problems, and despite participating with others in solving these problems, it is necessary that they do not expect from others more than they should.

3- They must be realistic in their lives, so they should not deceive themselves and know that the problems facing them are also facing others and that they will eventually be solved.

4- They should not be tyrannical in their opinions and should not imagine themselves as better than everyone else. They should not expect encouragement and rewards in return for any of their work. They should do good deeds for the sake of Allah Almighty’s pleasure. They should build their lives on good qualities. They should thank others for any service rendered to them, and they should defend truth and virtue.

5- To be creative and inventive, to think carefully to solve any problem, to advise people of solutions and solutions, and to never give up.

6- To sit with their friends and watch with them, and to participate with them in playing, sports, and hiking, and to take into account the issue of balance in sleep, food, and rest.

7- They should avoid conflict and arguments with their friends and build their relationships with each other on the basis of mutual respect and cooperation. They should help their friends kindly and accept criticism from them.

8- To be patient in misfortunes, to strengthen themselves over them with the remembrance of Allah, to not forget the weak in comfort and contentment, and to be active and light-hearted so that their spirit and actions remain healthy and moderate.

9- To accurately understand the extent of their own capabilities and acquire the strength of will and thinking in order to know life’s difficulties and overcome them with sound management and move from one stage to another with patience and determination.

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