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This is what you should say to your son when you discover that he is in trouble.

Many parents resort to directing words of blame and reprimand to their children when they find that they have fallen into a problem or been involved in a bad act, and this method is incorrect.

 In that case, your son expects you to slap him and hit him because he may be aware of the ugliness of his behavior, but he is not aware of how his motives led him to this mistake? How can he get rid of the consequences of that bad act?

He needs someone to help him and take his hand in correcting his vision and thinking.

There is no one like parents who are the closest people to him, so why do you turn into a terrifying and frightening person in his eyes?

All you have to do is correct his beliefs and help him understand the problem and dilemma he is in.

Tell him that you do not hate him, because he made a mistake and got into this predicament, and that you love him and want to help him.

Find out the motives that made him the way he is. Perhaps he is ignorant of the consequences of what he got involved in?

Or did someone deceive him and cause him to do the heinous acts he did?

Do not look at him with contempt and hatred, for he is your dear son and you are responsible for guiding him.

Your harsh beating or harsh words will increase his feeling of fear of you, and thus he may not realize the ugliness of his act as much as he understands that you do not love him and do not want good for him. You must focus on the ugly act that he was involved in committing.

And explain to him: in an easy and clear manner, the extent of the risks and negatives resulting from that bad act.

Assure him that you still love him and your love for him will increase once he stops these bad deeds, and that we all learn from our mistakes, as there is no one who is infallible except those whom Allah Almighty has protected.

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