What every father wants
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What is the main problem that you - as a father - face while raising your children?

This question was asked to many fathers, and the answer came - often - that the problem or obstacle is: (disobedience and lack of complete obedience).

Many of them explained that the reason for the poor upbringing that their children received was due to the children’s control being out of their hands, and some of them said literally, “If my son had obeyed me 100%, I would have guided him according to an educational curriculum that was good and successful at the same time, but what should I do when my son disagrees with me and disobeys me?

Indeed, Imam Ali (peace be upon him) says: (Those who are not obeyed have no say.)

This matter may not be a major problem for all parents, but I believe that the thing that every father wants and desires is (obedient children who are doing well), and there is no doubt about that.

Well...the question now is: How do you create complete obedience in your child? To answer this question, it is necessary to ask the following question:

Why does your child resort to disobeying your orders?

We suggest here that you take a pen and paper, and write down the reasons that push your son to disobey, before reading the following lines.

Of course, there are eleven reasons that will push your child to disobey and disobey you, and they are, as some researchers have confirmed, the following:

1- The child’s lack of knowledge of the necessity of obedience.

2- Issuing orders without giving any vision or clarification of the matter and what is related to it.

3- Dealing with a child is like dealing with a machine, or dealing with a soldier who must obey the decision without discussion.

4- That the matter is contrary to the child’s wishes.

5- The child does not have the ability to bear decisions that are beyond his physical and mental level.

6- The father’s failure to befriend his son.

7- Loss of respect for the father.

8- The lack of prestige and sanctity of the father.

9- The father does not have the ability to control his children, due to his weak personality.

10- Poor upbringing.

11- Ignorance of the arts of dealing and issuing orders.

Therefore, in order to have obedient children, you must eliminate the causes of disobedience - mentioned above - because the rule says: (Prevention is better than cure).

After that, it will be easy for you to create obedient children by following the correct path that is opposite to the previous reasons, and trying to change the path.

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