Identify bad habits that destroy teeth
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Dentist Ksenia Klimova, a specialist in treating gum diseases, warned against five bad daily habits that destroy teeth, the most prominent of which is smoking.

The doctor says, “Smoking causes bad breath, changes the color of the teeth, and irritates the mucous membrane of the mouth, causing the development of gingivitis and swelling of the gums around the teeth.”

She explained that "every person who opens bottles with his teeth, or chews nuts and seeds, or pens, or even threads, may face problems such as enamel erosion, cracks formation, and crumbling of the crown portion of the teeth."

She says: “Soft drinks contain carbon dioxide, which damages and weakens tooth enamel. Therefore, it is recommended to drink plain water instead of carbonated water.”

Improper teeth cleaning ranks fourth.

She added, "Brushing teeth using a hard-bristled brush and whitening toothpaste can damage teeth and gums. Therefore, it is best to use a soft- or medium-hard toothbrush for two minutes two or more times a day."

The fifth habit is to eat snacks frequently.

Pointing out that, “When eating a light meal, the body produces a smaller amount of saliva, unlike a full meal, which causes food residues that stick to the spaces between the teeth to not be completely removed. This leads to bacteria actively multiplying in the oral cavity, and thus to tooth decay and the formation of plaque.” "Therefore, after eating a snack, you should use gum or floss to clean your teeth."

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