Superficial people
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We’ve all been guilty of being a little self-absorbed and selfish at times, but what about people who constantly engage in this type of behavior? Also known as “superficial people,” these individuals only care about their appearance and social status. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about superficial people, including common signs to watch out for and effective ways to deal with them.

Things You Should Know

  • A superficial person is someone who only cares about their appearance and social status.
  • Superficial people are materialistic, so you’ll often see them wearing designer clothes or buying luxury goods.
  • They also love to gossip about others because they don’t know how to engage in deep conversations.


There are definitely certain behaviors that suggest someone is more focused on surface-level stuff versus deeper connections. For example, if they constantly talk about appearances, trends, and material things like clothes and cars, that's a red flag. Or if they love gossiping but don't show interest in more meaningful conversations. Inconsistent relationships and needing constant validation are also clues. It's good to be cautious with judgements though, since there may be reasons behind the behavior. But those traits can indicate superficiality versus depth.

Their traits

1- They’re materialistic.

2- They’re judgmental of others.

3- They love to gossip.

4- They emphasize physical appearance.

5- They’re self-centered.

6- They don’t listen.

7- They interrupt people.

8- They’re attention-seeking.

9- They’re constantly on social media.

10- They’re entitled.

11- They don’t accept responsibility.

12- They don’t prioritize self-growth.

13- They lack social and emotional intelligence.

14- They don’t have opinions about real-world issues.


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