What is poor Leadership?
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Poor leadership can manifest in a variety of ways, but it generally refers to a situation where a leader is not effective or is actively harming their team or organization.

In my career I have been recipient and observer of poor leadership. If it is part and parcel of a poor cultural practice this can manifest in high staff  turnover, unplanned long term staff absences ultimately impacting mental health and productivity of the company

Some common signs of poor leadership include:

1.   Lack of communication: Poor leaders may fail to communicate expectations clearly, provide feedback, or listen to their team members.

2.   Micromanagement: Leaders who micromanage their team members can stifle creativity and productivity and create a sense of mistrust among their employees.

3.   Lack of accountability: A poor leader may blame others for their own mistakes or fail to take responsibility for the success or failure of their team.

4.   Lack of vision: Leaders who lack a clear vision for their organization or team may struggle to inspire and motivate their employees.

5.   Inconsistent or unfair treatment: Poor leaders may play favorites or treat employees unfairly, which can create a toxic work environment.

6.   Lack of empathy: Leaders who lack empathy may be insensitive to the needs and concerns of their employees, which can lead to high turnover and low morale.

7.   Inability to adapt: Poor leaders may be resistant to change or new ideas, which can prevent their organization from innovating and staying competitive.

Overall, poor leadership can have a significant negative impact on an organization, including decreased productivity, low morale, and high turnover. It is important for leaders to be self-aware and continually work to improve their skills and abilities to ensure that they are effective and supportive leaders for their teams.

It takes brave captains of the ship to really take account and commit to change.

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