4 ways to stay safe during a natural disaster
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Crawl under a sturdy table and cover your face and head with your arms. Stay away from windows. If you become trapped under debris, cover your mouth with a cloth or shirt, and tap against a pipe or other object to make noise. (Don't yell for help unless you have to; you risk inhaling dangerous quantities of dust.) If you are able, leave the building once the shaking stops--aftershocks can bring down a structure compromised by the initial quake. Finally, if you're outside during the quake, steer clear of buildings and utility wires.


Seek refuge in a basement or go to an emergency shelter. As a last resort, stay on the lowest floor of your home. If you're in a car as a tornado approaches, get out and seek shelter indoors. If you're caught in the open, lie flat in a ditch and cover your head with your hands.


Move to higher ground immediately--don't wait to gather belongings. In any flood, avoid downed power lines and moving water. Six inches of moving water can make a pedestrian fall, while a foot will float most vehicles.


Move to an interior room and close all doors.

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