6 Advice when choosing a role model
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Role models are important. They help us become the person we want to be and inspire us to make a difference. Choosing wisely means that you will be positively influenced and encouraged to be the best person possible. Let’s look at the advices of wikihow in choosing a role model:

  1. Choose a role model you know to help you become the best version of yourself. A role model that you know can help you to mature and grow as a person. They can give guidance and advice and offer real-world examples of how to achieve your best.
  2. Consider someone who has a sense of purpose. A good role model would be someone who knows who they are. You don't want someone who seems perfect but doesn't have a sense of purpose. You want someone who won't pretend to be someone they are not.
  3. Consider someone who interacts well with others. This person should be kind and can communicate well with people. People are easy to understand and emulate when they communicate well.
  4. Choose someone who is different to you. We are all tempted to choose a certain role model because we see something of ourselves in them. These role models will only hold you back because you are not really changing any characteristics of yourself, you are simply perfecting characteristics that are already there. Choose a role model because you see something in them that you are ‘’not’’ but definitely need to be. Emulating a role model who is not like you will not feel comfortable or natural but it will stretch you and motivate you to levels of yourself you thought you never knew.
  5. Learn about their successes and failures. It is important to learn about both the successes and failures of your role model. Sometimes learning about the failures of your role model can actually encourage and motivate you more than learning about their successes. By learning about their failures you realize that they, like you, are only human and will make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them and keep working to improve yourself. For example, even famous scientists such as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein struggled and failed many times in their lives but they kept working hard to achieve and eventually they were successful. By learning about their struggles you can motivate yourself to keep working hard even when nothing seems to be working.
  6. Develop your own style. While it is good to emulate a role model, it is also important to retain your individuality. Do not lose yourself in the attempt to follow the example of your role model. Adopt the characteristics you would like most to improve about yourself while keeping the rest of you as you are. Be yourself and feel confident in what you do. Don't copy what others are doing, stand out. If people copy it just proves that they're insecure and not original unlike you.

Now these set of advices go to ordinary role models.

Luckily there are ideal role models. The ones that if you do emulate will guide you to the right path guaranteed or your money back.

Prophet Muhammad, (PBUH), and who else more worthy of being a role model than the greatest creation of all humanity. Prophet Muhammad possessed each and every positive characteristic and left a legacy behind for us to learn from.

If we want to be successful in life, we should follow the footsteps of the Prophet.

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