Creating a new drone
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Creating a drone that is not exposed to the influence of electronic warfare   

Specialists of the Center for drone Technologies on the Sakhalin Peninsula have created the "Lyutech" drone, which is made in the form of an unmanned helicopter.

This drone is used for reconnaissance and ammunition transportation. Its main distinguishing feature is its ability to quickly get out of the zone of influence of electronic warfare.

Russia and Belarus are starting to manufacture a high-power anti-drone laser system, according to the Russian agency "Tass", quoting a source in the center, noting that the area of ​​the special military operation operates in various drones. For example, some Chinese drones land on the ground in the event of a breakdown in satellite communication or the batteries are discharged.

As for the "Lutech" drone, when it enters the electronic warfare area, it increases its speed to achieve a maneuver called "jump to the side of the clamshell" to get out of the electronic warfare area. After completing that maneuver, the specialists understand that it is necessary to avoid that area or hit the electronic warfare station.

The first prototype of the drone was subjected to tests in the special military operation area, and then modifications were made in its design, as its payload and survival time in the air increased. The drone was able to stay in the air for 60 minutes and carry 1200 grams of ammunition.

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