china will send astronauts to the moon
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The Chinese are planning to send astronauts to the moon

China's Manned Spaceflight Authority has announced its intention to send astronauts to the lunar surface.

"China plans to send an astronaut to the moon to land on its surface before 2030," said a statement issued by the authority.

According to the available information, the future Chinese lunar exploration mission includes sending an astronaut to land on the surface of the moon, and at the same time, two other astronauts will operate an exploratory vehicle that will study the surface of the moon.

The Chinese astronaut will be able to use the aforementioned exploratory vehicle to move on the surface of the moon as well, and the vehicle will constantly determine its location and send data to ground stations.

And the State Council of China had approved in January 2004 a national program to explore the moon, and in 2019 China achieved success with the arrival of its first spacecraft to the dark side of the moon, and in November 2020 China launched the Chang’e-5 vehicle to the moon, which managed to collect 2 about 23 kg of its soil and returned to the ground loaded with samples, about 23 days after its release.

China is currently working on a project to send the Chang'e-6 spacecraft to the dark side of the moon to collect soil samples there and study the fine impurities and materials in them.

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