Doctrine of the Resurrection
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We believe that Allah will revive all people after their death on a certain day which he has promised them. And that He will then reward the obedient and punish the wrong-doers. In this simple form, this is what all the Divine religions and philosophies have accepted, but Muslims must believe in it because it is contained in the Qur'an which our Prophet brought, and one who believe in Allah and Muhammad, His Messenger must also believe in what is related in the Qur'an: resurrection on the Day of Judgement, reward and punishment, paradise (al-jannah) and its blessings (as-na'im), the Fire (an-nar) and Hell (al-jahim). About one thousand verses in the Qur'an have mentioned the Day of Resurrection. There is no reason to doubt it, unless one doubts Allah, His Power and His Messenger. In fact this amounts doubting all religions.

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