Human status and respect
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Human rights have been established on the basis of respect for humanity, freedom and equality in order to revive human rights, as they are respected and appreciated by every honorable person.

Human beings, human rights, freedom and equality are to be enjoyed with the utmost respect.

The writers and organizers of this list, as well as the philosophers who were the true inspirations of this list, are the subject of our respect and appreciation. However, since this list is a philosophical text written by a human hand, not by angels, and it was devised by a group of human beings, then any philosopher has the right to criticize it, and if he finds some weakness in some of its articles, to point to it.

This list is not devoid of weaknesses, but now we do not want to refer to weaknesses, but to points of strength.

The list is based on (human subjective status), honor and self-dignity. According to the list, a person possesses a set of rights and freedoms as a result of possessing a special kind of dignity and honor, which the rest of the living lack and lose these rights and freedoms with him. This is the strong point of the list.

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