social concepts of the child
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Objectives of developing the social concepts of the child

It is necessary for the child to know from an early age the social values and morals stemming from the customs and traditions of his society so that he can adapt to them and social interaction under them. Some social concepts must also be developed in the child such as cooperation, love, neighborhood, and family, so that he can know his society and the environment in which he lives. In order to be able to understand and practice his social roles in the society in which he lives, and the social education of the child helps to provide him with many experiences about society and the environment and to acquire many social skills so that he can interact with others in a proper way and in a proper way and feel his independence and his social being.

The social education of the kindergarten child aims to:

1- Building and strengthening the child's self-confidence and abilities by raising his awareness of his innate potential that God has provided him with in terms of body and senses, and giving him the opportunity to use them in exploration, experimentation and education.

2- Developing social interaction based on equal foundations between the child and the teacher and between the child and his peers.

3- Helping the child to adapt to his environment by introducing him to the social and material environment surrounding him and how he can integrate into it.

4- Helping the child to accept others, adapt to them, and appreciate them while practicing the various activities in the kindergarten.

5- Encouraging the child to express his feelings in different situations through movement, language, art and various movements.

6- Providing a model and a good example when dealing with children and using various reinforcement methods to deal with and encourage them.

7- Respecting the individuality of the child by giving him the opportunity to express himself, hearing his questions and answering them, encouraging him to work individually and collectively, developing his creative talents and motivating him to express himself.

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