The art of discussion
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How do you win your discussion?

Have you ever been defeated in your discussion and felt that you were right, but you do not know how to reach your point of view?

Or have your discussions ever turned into a fierce emotional battle that might have developed into a verbal battle?

Have you ever felt that the other party in the discussion with you came out silent because he only wants you to be silent and not because he is convinced of your words?

If something of the above happened to you, then know that you are not a good debater and you are not good at some of the principles of discussion, because discussion is an elegant and sensitive art that not everyone is good at and has special principles, as we should not overdo it unless we feel that we would like to clarify an important point of view on a useful topic, because Discussion in this case increases human culture and knowledge, but if it is about a trivial or unimportant topic and I feel that the discussion about it will not add anything new, then it is better to leave.

These six points will help you, God willing, to be a good, fair and strong debater at the same time, so that you can convince the other party of your point of view without causing embarrassment:

Let the other party speak and present their case:

Do not interrupt your interlocutor and let him present his whole case so that he does not feel that you did not understand him, because if you interrupted him during his speech, you stimulated him psychologically not to listen to you, because the person who remains with words in his chest will focus his thinking on how to speak and he will not be able to listen to you well or understand what you are saying and you want him to to be convinced. Also, asking him about things he mentioned or asking him to repeat some of what he said is of great importance because that makes the other party feel that you are listening to him and caring about his words and point of view, and this reduces his hostile motivation and makes him feel that you are fair.

Pause before answering:

When you are asked a question, look at him and pause for a while before responding, because that shows that you are thinking and caring about what he said and you are not motivated to attack.

Don't insist on winning 100%

Do not try to prove that your position is completely correct and that the other party is completely wrong in everything he says. If you want to persuade, acknowledge some of the points he makes, even if they are simple, show him that you agree with him in them, because he will become more inclined to acknowledge your point of view, and always try to repeat this phrase (I understand your point of view), (I appreciate what you say and share your feeling).

Present your case in a gentle and moderate manner

Sometimes in the opposition, you may try to present your point of view or criticize the point of view of your interlocutor with some intimidation and excitement, and this is a grave mistake, as scientific evidence has proven that facts that are presented calmly are more effective in persuading others than what threats and excitement do in speech. You may be able to win in your discussion with excited speech, screaming and impulsiveness, and gain the approval of those present, but you will not be able to convince the other party of your point of view in this way, and he will come out silent, but he is never convinced and will not work in your opinion.

Talk to another party

If you want to bring up evidence of your point of view, do not mention your own opinion, but try to mention the opinion of other people; Because the other party will be annoyed and will question the credibility of your words if it is all about your opinion and your personal experiences, unlike if you mentioned to him the opinions and experiences of some famous people and others and some of what came in the books and statistics because they are much more powerful evidences.


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