clinical tests to treat a deadly disease
11:31:51 2023-05-24 101

Russia launches clinical tests to treat a deadly disease

Clinical tests for the first Russian drug for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy have been launched in Russia, as a single injection of it is expected to stop the progression of the disease and give affected children a chance for a normal life.

And the Russian company Biocad began developing a drug for SMA in 2018.

The Russian drug, ANB-004, is based on a gene therapy platform, but it is innovative and not a copy of foreign drugs.

Pavel Yakovlev, Vice President of Development and Early Research at Biocad, also stressed that the Russian drug has fundamental differences from its Swiss predecessor, as it is manufactured by a Russian company, and represents a guarantee of sufficiency in national medicines, and there will be no need to rely on the international political situation and the fear of foreign suppliers leaving the Russian market. .

Spinal muscular atrophy is a genetic disease in which motor neurons deteriorate. The disease is caused by a mutation in the SMN1 gene, which is essential for the functioning of motor neurons - nerve cells responsible for coordinating movements.

Without it, the signal gradually does not reach the muscles, as nerve cells die, all muscles stop working, and the person loses the ability to move, swallow and breathe independently. However, the mind is not affected in any way.

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