How to affect people
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A smile says I like you, you make people happy and show that you are happy to see them, everyone you smile at will automatically smile at you, and you will find everyone smiling at you and loving you.

Remember the names:

Any person cares and cherishes his name more than he cares about all the names on earth, so if you call him by his name and pronounce it easily, you will leave the best impression on him and make him feel important and thus win his love and sympathy.

Show interest in others:

People do not care about you, but they care about themselves. If you care about them, you gain their friendship. Remember their dates of birth, and occasions such as holidays, weddings, and illnesses, as well as answering the phone in a friendly manner while showing joy in talking, and paying attention to their interests, such as their hobbies, for example.

Always remember that the person who does not care about others is the one who will suffer from the difficulties of life, and one can win the interest and cooperation of the most famous people by showing his keen interest in them.

Be an attentive listener:

If you want to be a tactful speaker, then be an attentive listener, and listen carefully, and ask what the other person likes to answer, and encourage him to talk about himself and his achievements. The ability to listen is rarer than any other quality, and it is one of the important qualities in the success of negotiations.

Talk about things that interest others:

The main way to a person's heart is to talk to him about the things he cherishes. If you did not discover what arouses the interest and enthusiasm of the other person from the beginning, you would not be able to win his affection or achieve your goal.


Do not always criticize and respect the opinions of others:

If you remove the permanent criticism from your style and do not tell anyone that he is wrong, and use praise and appreciation instead, and refrain from speaking what you personally desire and try to look through the point of view of others, then you will find yourself a different man and with happier friends, and these are the important things in life.

Do not argue:

You cannot win an argument, and the best way to get out of an argument with the best results is to avoid arguments; because if you lose it, you will lose it, and if you win it, you will lose it; Because you'll feel good, but the other person? You hurt his pride and make him feel inferior, and he will despise your victory and thus lose it, and you will not be able to force him to believe against his will ... You can be right and remain so in your argument, but if you want to change the other person's thinking, you will fail as if you were wrong completely.


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