robot that identifies diseased fruits
2:17:37 2023-05-23 127

Russian scientists have created a robot that walks through an orchard and automatically identifies diseased and damaged fruits.

The robot was developed by specialists at the Scientific Research Technical University in Moscow in collaboration with colleagues at Tambov State Technological University, China Mining Technological University, and Moscow Higher School of Economics.

Ivan Ushakov, Head of the Department of Physics at Moscow Technical University for Scientific Research, said: “The botANNIC robot, using a stereo camera that uses artificial neural networks that simulate human vision, scans tree leaves and their fruiting parts, and detects apples in the crown of the tree, as well as the degree of their ripeness and damage.”

"The robot also classifies photographs of fruits into a few groups according to the degree of damage and disease, through multidimensional volumetric analysis, and the classification accuracy is at least 80%," said Alexander Devin, a professor at the Department of Mechanics and Technological Measurements at Tambov University of Technology. .

The newspaper pointed out that the system has successfully demonstrated its effectiveness during tests conducted in the apple orchard of the "Michurin" federal center in the Russian province of Tambov. She added that innovation will increase farm yields and reduce fruit losses.

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