soften your heart
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It was narrated that a man complained to the Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny), about the cruelness of his heart, and the prophet said: “If you want your heart to be softened, then feed the poor and wipe on the heads of orphans.”

Reality Of Islam


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Avarice (tama)

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Miserliness (Bukhl)

4:49:18   2024-07-06  

Illegitimate earning

4:38:52   2024-07-03  

A Mathematical Approach to the Quran

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what Allah hates the most

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allahs fort

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striving for success

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Imam Ali Describes the Holy Quran

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silence about wisdom

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Importance of Media

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knowing what to say

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your children

7:32:24   2022-02-14

your character

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good people

11:34:48   2022-06-29

education importance

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pure nature

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be yourself.

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