who created allah
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Q. Isn’t there a creator for every existing thing? So who created Allah?

A. This claim (there is a creator for every existing thing) is a fallacy and the question is a loaded question. Who says that every existing thing needs a creator?

Q. Then why do you state that the heavens, earth, mountains, rivers, oceans, plants, animals, humans, etc. are created?

A. Because they are creatures (invented) and every created thing needs a creator.

Q. What is the difference between the thing that has been created and the thing that exists?

A. The difference is that the thing created has been invented and produced so it needs an inventor, a producer or call it a creator.

As for the thing that exists, there are two kinds:

1- The invented or created (which needs an inventor or creator).

2- The non-created or non-invented (Allah) which is the creator of things.

Q. What is the first thing to exist?

A. Allah (swt) was the first to exist.

Q. So who brought him into existence or created him?

A. No one brought him into existence and nothing created him, he was always there.

Q. How can something exist without a creator?

A. We go back to the question “what is the first thing to be created?” and ask it to the materialist. They answer air, matter, or whatever else they believe in. So we ask them what brought “matter”, “air”, or whatever they answered into existence? They will answer that it exists without a creator. As us Muslims we believe that the first thing is Allah (swt) and he exists without a creator.

Q. This means we both believe in an existing thing that is the first thing and is available without a creator, but we state it is (Allah) and they state it is (matter). So what makes our claim true and their claim false?

A. The difference between our claim and their claim is like the difference between the claim that the builder of the universe is powerless, weak, and ignorant and the claim that the builder of the universe is all powerful and all wise.

Q. How is that?

A. Matter is helpless and has no wisdom, so how can it create something with precision and accuracy which needs skill, unlike Allah (swt) who is all powerful and all wise and is capable to do actions with precision and accuracy.

Q. Where did Allah get his existence from?

A. The existence of Allah (swt) is not gained or given to him by anyone; rather this attribute is naturally available in his reality and does not need anything to give it to him. For example, salt gives food saltiness but what makes the salt salty? Salt is naturally salty and does not gain saltiness from something else. Fire gives heat, but what gives fire heat? Nothing, fire naturally has heat.


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