The phenomenon of yawning in students
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The phenomenon of yawning disturbs teachers, because they see it as evidence of lack of perseverance, a feeling of boredom and laziness, or evidence of mental dullness, or inconsistency with the prevailing educational atmosphere in the classroom, in addition to all the explanations, all of which provoke the anger of teachers, so they initiate retribution and scold students.

It is a habit that society detests and sees in it something of what teachers see, so some of us resist it as one of the bad habits that pop into our physiological being against our desire, thus giving us an image that we do not want to be in.

The fact is that from a physiological point of view, yawning is a breathing process that is triggered by the pattern of reflex actions, and is accompanied by a contraction of various facial muscles whose function is to work to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, and it occurs involuntarily even in the infant, who has only been born for months. This is to stimulate blood circulation in the brain.

From here we have to correct the misguided theory prevalent in the minds of people in general, and in the minds of teachers, and make it clear that yawning is not necessarily a sign of lack of interest or lack of attention, or unwillingness to pay attention, and an expression of anxiety about hearing an explanation, lecture, or conversation. Since yawning expresses a resistance against insufficient blood supply to the brain, it is a resistance to inattention, not a resistance to attention.

The teacher should not forget that yawning is a reflex act, and that it is involuntary, especially in children, and cannot be suppressed by mere threat of punishment. This phenomenon (the phenomenon of yawning) occurs on its own just by thinking about it.

Yawning is often transmitted contagiously among individuals who are present with each other, and this feeling of fatigue in others is transmitted by suggestion. Is is stated that: (Some teachers found that the most intelligent students are the ones who yawn the most during the lesson)

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