Things you should avoid when dealing with your children
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When you seek to correct your children; Don't resort to depressing phrases when you could use simple ones.

-Don't use frustrating phrases, even in a friendly way, (Give me that back, you annoying selfish person) or calling them after animals, (Come on, elephants! I've made you dinner).

- Don't compare! (You're just as bad as your father), (Why don't you be kind and good like your baby brother?)

-Never mention your child's shortcomings to others if the child is hearing, (she's so shy; I don't know what could happen to her).

-Don't praise some behavior that might cause trouble later, (He lied to get out of trouble, isn’t he a clever boy).

 -Don’t make your children feel guilty to control them, (Oh my God you exhausted me! I feel so tired like I'm going to drop dead), (Look what you did to your mother). This type of phrase can be deleted from your dictionary forever, you and your children will feel a lot of improvement after that.

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