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Do I love this behaviour, hate it, or do I find it unbearable?

Hate it…

What should I do?

Ignore the child's stuttering, distraction, and laziness.

Praise the child's commitment to a task until it is completed.

The plan is:

1- Ignoring (Yes, I mean ignoring! What is the benefit behind the insistence!). You need infinite patience to ignore it. Stuttering is a stage in life that consists of several years for many boys and girls, do not show your anger, or the stuttering will only get worse.

2. Praise your child's attempts to commit to and finish something (ok with a bit of exaggeration).

"Nice job doing your homework."

"Wow! You set the table very quickly."

"You got dressed quickly."

3- Avoid name-calling, as your child will accept that you call him “lazy” or “turtle” and believes in himself that this is true.

4- Create a schedule of best behaviours for the difficult periods that pass during the day. Put in the schedule the tasks and the time you want these tasks to be accomplished, and make sure to put some behaviours that your child does easily, and give lots of praise when your child performs a behaviour on time.

5- Make this schedule a game for your child. Encourage him and see if he can do the behaviour faster than the previous day. Challenge him to do all the behaviours in the schedule and then praise him for his speed.

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