good time management and investment
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Realizing the importance of time as well as the adequate management of time are some of the most important conditions for a nation to flourish and advance, which will be summarized in the following points: 

Firstly: The value of time

Time as we know is a vessel for the motion of events, which consist of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries... it is a continuous motion taking no consideration for anyone and if not controlled it will certainly control you, it never repeats and never goes back.

Secondly: Investing time

Some people don’t manage and invest their money well, which leads to wasting and losing money, however many people not only waste their money but also waste their time, as if we are experts at wasting. As we waste our money we waste our lives, yet wasting our lives is far more harmful, since money can be compensated while the same can't be said about our lives. 

Thirdly: Emptiness is the corruption of youth

Those who don’t manage their time well fall in the trap of emptiness, and emptiness is corruption to mankind especially young people. It is a dangerous plague which creates the ground for crime, vices, and addiction to bad habits. It's also the reason mental illness is spreading as well as other serious negative consequences that emptiness leaves behind on individuals and on society.

Fourthly: Time Management

 Successful people are those who manage their lives and time in a constructive and efficient way, while filling their time with what is useful and enriching. The holy scriptures have guided us to manage our time well, as Al Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said: (The believer has three hours: an hour in which he worships Allah, an hour in which he seeks to make a living, and an hour in which he entertains himself in his pleasures in what is permitted by Allah).

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