The fontanelles
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The baby is born with soft and tender areas in the head called "fontanelles", which is a number of soft points in the infant's skull, and because of their extreme fragility, any pressure on them may cause severe brain damage.
In fact, the bones of the "fontanelle" do not fuse completely until after a year and a half of the infant's life. Therefore, doctors examine the head to ensure that the "fontanelle" are not closed because its early closure (i.e. in the first months of the child's life) may expose children to many health risks..
Some may ask.. Why is the infant's brain doesn't have an adequate protection, while the rest of its organs have strong bones to protect them?!
the reason is ..
These soft areas in the "fontanelle" of the fetus help it to exit easily during the birth process, by changing the shape of the head to suit its position inside the birth canal, which is impossible if the skull bones are solid and cohesive.
Also, the divergent and non-coherent areas in the "fontanelle" in infants in the first period of his life help give the child's brain an opportunity to grow and expand inside the head.

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