Glow in the dark
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Glow in the dark marking trialled on Austuralian roads

Visibility is key road safety; to that end, Australian road construction firm Tarmac Linemarking has been selected by road transport safety authority VicRoads, along with safety surfaces company OmniGrip for the trial run of photo-luminescent (glow-inthe-dark) road markings on selected roads in the state of Victoria, Australia.

The application of the glow-in-the-dark road markings is part of a road safety programme by Regional Victoria. and is one of three treatments in the state’s Innovative Package, for which AUD$4 million (RM12.5 million) has been invested for application at 70 locations across regional Victoria, as part of a larger AUD$245 million (RM763 million) allocation for the state’s road safety programme.

In a more recent facebook post, Tarmac Linemarking stated residents “all across Gippsland, from Philip Island to the border” will get to experience roads treated with the glow-in-the-dark road markings.

The second of three road safety treatments in the Australian state’s Innovative Package for its safety programme is road line markings with higher reflectivity, courtesy of the addition of thicker glass beads and thermoplastic to the linemarking paint.

Rounding up the trio of road safety treatments is LED tactile paving at controlled pedestrian crossings, which are LEDs on the pavement which follow the existing red (stop) and green (go) light signals for added visibility to pedestrians, particularly for those with diminished vision or those who are distracted.

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