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Arab farmers are able to grow a plant that will be a valuable treasure for those who take advantage of the opportunity and plant it early in their land.

Cultivation of salicornia or sea beans is one of the plants that has an important future in the field of agriculture, as it has unique benefits.

It can also be grown in salty soil, and it is considered a substitute for table salt due to its salty taste and the lack of damage caused by salt to the human body.

As a model for future farming , the UAE began experimenting with Salicornia cultivation in farms with saline soils.

These farms are characterized as arid lands with high levels of salinity, as a first step towards developing their agriculture, if successful.

The green, salty Salicornia known as "sea asparagus" or "sea beans" remains a healthy alternative to salt in burgers.

In addition, the plant "helps with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties."

The UAE began cultivating the Salicornia plant, which grows naturally at the sea or in salt marshes, last year in a number of local farms within the framework of a project of the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture.

Hence the interest in halophytes as crops that are more adapted to the surrounding environment and also as a means to recycle brine reflux.

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