seven features in the best brothers.
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Seven features in the best brothers.

Living this life is not beautiful without a friend who is just like a brother, who gives you a nice and positive feeling by standing in your side.

Who consoles you during your hard times, and attend in you happy days, and never quit supporting you physically and spiritually.

Al-Imam Ali (peace be upon him) mentioned seven features in the best brothers, which you can use it to identify the friend who you would like to consider as a brother.

And it can also be standards to discover the best friends in your life and have them as brothers and supports in your life.

And these seven features are:

  1. The one who advices honestly.
  2. The one who loves you for Allah sake.
  3. The one who doesn’t love you for this life.
  4. The one who you never like to stay if you lost him.
  5. The one who helps you to win the afterlife.
  6. The one who doesn’t investigate his brothers’ affairs.
  7. The one who you don’t need anyone beside him.
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