Clever shepherd
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There was a shepherd who was a leader in the king's army.
The Judge hated the shepherd and created a problem for him that made the king sentence him to death.
The mother of the shepherd went to the king and asked him to forgive her son.
The king was shy for she was more than 100 years old and said that he will order the judge to write guilty and innocent on two pieces of paper and let the shepherd choose his sentence by himself. So if he is innocent, Allah will save him.
The woman went home while she was worried and thinking that the judge may write guilty on both papers.
her son said: "Don't worry mom, Allah will safe me"
And truly the judge wrote "Guilty" on both papers.
People gathered in the execution day to see what the shepherd will choose.
The shepherd came and the judge asked him to pick a paper.
The shepherd smiled and picked a paper and swallowed it.
The king said: "You swallowed the paper without showing what is written on it"
The shepherd said: "Open the other one and it will be the opposite of what I picked"
The king opened the other paper and it said (guilty).
The audience and the king said: "He is innocent"

With a little of thinking, we can make great things.

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