Money value
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Al-Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said: "Money won't give you any benefit until it leaves you"
One day there was a stingy man, and he had one boy.

His best friend came to visit him, and he offered him lunch.
Then he shouted: "Son, go to the market and buy the finest meat you can find"

The boy went to the butcher and said: "Give me the finest meat you have"
The butcher said: "I will give you meat, so tender just like the butter"

The boy thought with himself; "So, I should get butter instead of the meat"

He went to the shop and said to the owner: "Give me the best butter you have"
The owner said: "The best butter I have is sweet like honey"
The boy thought again and said: "So give me the best honey you got here"
The owner said: "The best honey I have is very soft, just like water"
The boy thought again and said: "Well, we have water in our house", and he went back with empty hands.
His father opened the door for him and asked him about the meat.
The boy told his father the story.
The father said: "But you ruined your shoes while going from a store to another in the market"
The boy said: "No, I was wearing the guest shoes"

Reality Of Islam

allah is the only protector

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uy scuti

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seeds that can walk!

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ask allah for everything

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islamic rituals

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islamic behavior

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a lesson for humanity

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be satisfied

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guiding to good

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removing harm

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kiss your children

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al-ghadeer day

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islam congratulations

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high prices

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death relief

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placebo effect
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taste papillae
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Importance of Media

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use you time well

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bahlool & a businessman

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salih & the special camel

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life temptations

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be yourself.

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do not burn out

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