Many reasons for domestic violence
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Many reasons for domestic violence

family problems has escalated to what is called domestic violence , which means beating to the limit of injuring , bruising and break in a bone  , and sometimes it ends with a crime as we saw in social media , which caused rage and anger in society … and these crimes must have their real reasons and didn’t start from ashes  .

There are six real reasons we can provide to attract the families’ attention and give them immediate assistant to avoid such problems.

first: the economical aspect and its effect , like poverty and the need for essential basics in life, and what it cause , like stress and psychological pressure on the parents and family members , which cause blaming , complaint and arguing that may develop to a quarrel . Poverty can start a family problem especially when it becomes as a comparative between a family and another from siblings or neighbors.

 Second : immorality , like cheating  by the husband or the wife , which is one of the most famous reasons for domestic violence ; and the reasons of the crimes gather when the husband or wife discover that the other partner is cheating and start planning for revenge .

Third: clans and tribes aspect, which cause that husband becomes a persecutor on his wife by locking her up and prevent her from having her rights as a decent human who has privacy and legal relationships, and deny her right to learn and take her part in social activities.

Fourth: variety of wells and conflicts about the manager of the family and children, and this starts between the parents when they have opposite thoughts and desires, which leads to a very serious quarrels, and it may happen between a father and son because of the way of raising that leads to violence.

Fifth: wrong lows in the country, for some countries give an unfair authorities for one of the parents, and make the other parent planning for revenge because of their weak low support, like most of divorce cases, the custody of children is given to one of the parents which is unfair to the other parent, or the children who get harmed by parents of the mother or the father.

Sixth: the effect of what is published by corrupted cultural institutions, who ask for liberation and wrong equality, that disagrees with the cultural principles and some of the Islamic laws, and cause that some of the husbands, wives and children disobey the values of the Arabic Islamic family, and force one of the parents to try to discipline them by force

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