How to give yourself an optimism dose for a successful life?
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How to give yourself an optimism dose for a successful life?

after you suffer crises , which make you miserable , sad , blaming yourself and the circumstances … don’t give up in this situation , stand up ; because the rule of life based on fail and success but there is no clear fail or success. And you will not see the clear way until you learn from your mistakes, adjust your plan and develop your skills and possibilities.

You have to give yourself a dose of optimism after every failure as an antibiotic against depression and frustration which always come after failing.

And this is done by looking at these four sides: yourself, reality, your reactions and your plan to accomplish your goals:

First: criticize yourself positively, logically and objectively, avoid negative criticizing, like feeling deficiency or people’s opinion and what they say about you; for people’s satisfaction is unreachable purpose.

Second:  your criteria has to be the reality, because there is no perfect life, or perfect person, look at other’s life and notice how they face and overcome the problems and hard times, and how the successful person is tough throw them, pass them successfully and starts to plan for a better life, because there is no benefit from living in misery, and adaptation is a must in life for there is no life without obstacles.

Third : don’t let pressures take out hope optimism  and hope from you , or cause a violent reactions like breaking or shredding your properties , give your feelings a space and breathe deeply ; because negative feelings will cause psychological sickness , so repeat the words of Allah , and read verses from Quran ,  think about wisdoms and repeat them with meditation , and they will help you release your stress .

Fourth: focus on the future to stabilize your present, by successful planning to your goals without laziness and that will make you love life and hold to your relationship.

Fifth: the trust in Allah mercy, use prayers time in holy places; and it will give you pure energy for real optimism; for praying is the weapon of prophets and the key of success.

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