Can a child be considered as a liar?
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Can a child be considered as a liar?

Most facts and information confirm that children are a white page with pure and innocent intentions, based on playing, fun, possessing and curiosity; and most of their speech and explanation is based on their simple imagination and innocent thinking, and it is known that children mostly lack vocabulary, so they use any words or phrases available in their mind about anything they want to tell us.

Teachers and parents teach the word “ lie “ and enforce it by repeating through accusing their child that he is lying , whenever they say anything different than reality , and describe his simple explanation as lying; because they didn’t hear him say all the truth , or justify his bad act to escape their punishment “as they think”!

And this way of raising children plants the lying idea in his behavior; and notice him calling his brother a liar say that he wasn’t honest! And start to use swearing to prove he is truthful!

Parents shouldn’t say “ liar “ to their child , especially before seven , and treat him with trust , and never to repeat words like “ liar “ , “lying” and  “ didn’t say the truth” or ask him to prove his words by swearing.

Parents have to give their child a safe space to express what he want, even if it is against the truth, but in the same time, help him to reform his speech about situations, facts and accidents that he witness and reacts with to provide him with needed vocabulary, and modify his expressing with a teaching, supportive and enhancing style for his lingual and speaking skills.

It is also useful for the child to see a picture for a natural view or a cartoon movie that he knows well, then he is asked to look at it with concentration, then he is asked to describe what he saw in a different room or a far place, then, they help him to in expressing, and if he was wrong, they would say that he missed the correct description to teach him accuracy in expressing and to seek reality in describing.

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