Why some people fail to accomplish their projects?
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Why some people fail to accomplish their projects?

Everyone likes success in their life, but many people doesn’t know the conditions needed to have it; and some people even think that it is related to luck!!

And this is why, some people search for an explanation to their fail in some goals.

Tracking the failing reasons is considered as a correct and necessary step in learning from the experience and comparing it with the successful people, especially with a rational and scientific thinking to learn from the fail …, and there are several reasons that are considered as a part from the answer to this important question:

First- Ambiguous and unclear goal: when the objective is not determined, and there isn’t a clear image in the mind about it, you won’t be able to draw a map to reach it and accomplish it clearly, and cause many projects failure.

Second- improper timing: choosing the right chance to start a project or working on a goal is essential to achieve it, because no goal has all the proper circumstances! But there are basic and important elements in making a goal or a project, and have to initiate the project when these circumstances are in hand.

Third- Wrong calculations of income and expenses : some people ,  underestimate the physical and psychological income of the project , and start without a scheduled or calculated bases , which causes chaos in expanses , and they start to spend and give without counting or pricing what can damage the budget and disperse their plans.

Fourth- negative and confused mindthe absence of  realistic optimism , and the control of failing thoughts are weights that can pull them down to failure , so they need to push themselves with positive energy , and to depend on the great Allah ; for Allah love who depends on him and will give them strength and support .

Fifth- the weak and disturbed well: laziness and hesitation destroy the well of the project owner; determine to work for your goal without any hesitation, control your well and don’t listen to the loser’s speech, or those who want to see you fail in your life.

Sixth- being arrogant and greedysome people, either feel greedy when they notice signs of success, and decide to move for the next step without completing or assessing the current project. Or become arrogant with his team, and make the team leave the project and cause its end.

Seventh- lack of needed skillsmany goals and projects require scientific and psychological skills , so if there is any important available skill , it should be mastered and learned , or must have a lot of information about it ; that will help to choose partners who can do what is need to be done . 

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