why do muslims use the word "allah" instead of the word "god" ?
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Why do Muslims use the word "Allah" instead of the word "God" ?

"Allah" is the Arabic word for the Only Deity worthy of worship .. Muslims believe that Allah is the name of the One and Only God.

The word Allah has been used by Arabic people of different religions since pre-Islamic times.

What is the difference between Allah and God?

(1) The word God has plurals = Gods

There’s no one like Allah, hence there’s no plural

(2) The word God has genders God & Goddess.

Allah cannot be defined in genders like us or animals, Allah is alpha and omega,

(3) If you add the word "father" or "mother" to "God" it becomes "God-Father" or "God-Mother"

There is no word like "Allah-father" nor "Allah-Mother" in Islam

Allah is a unique word, Unlike the word GOD, it does not conjure up any mental picture(s) (Male/Female, Single or Multiple) nor can it be played around with

Therefore the Muslims prefer using the Arabic word ‘Allah’ for the Almighty .




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